Hollow core prestressed, ​concrete slabs

  • Elematic hollow core pre-stressed ​concrete slabs are among the most advanced products in the precast concrete industry.  
  • A highly automated production process.
  • Smooth even-bottomed surfaces meaning false ceilings can be omitted.
  • Good sound insulation properties.
  • Because of the longitudinal cores the weight of the floor is reduced.
  • The voids in hollow core can be used for technical installations, i.e. ventilation conduits, plumbing and electrical pipes etc.
  • Short construction time, absence of scaffolding, high mechanical and durability performance, excellent span-depth ratio and good flexibility in design.
  • Hollow core can be designed to meet different fire class requirements.
  • Hollow core can be used with all types of supporting structures i.e. bearing walls, skeletal concrete structures or steel frames.
  • The reduced weight of slabs gives savings in foundations and structures.
  • Longer spans, less support, more freedom in floor plan design.
  • From an architectural perspective, interesting façade and balcony details can be achieved using slabs in various combinations. 
  • Elematic slabs have various walling applications including industrial, residential and retaining walls. 

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