ESA offers a complete design service from the concept stage to final design and drawings for a project or development.

Our professionally registered designers apply the latest design methods, and the designs comply in all respects with local as well as international codes and standards for hollow core slabs (European EN standards and South African National Standards).  

If the client wishes to utilise their own design engineer to do the design, ESA will provide any assistance and design information to enable an economical solution to their project.

Manufacture & transport

Elematic SA is fully equipped to undertake the entire manufacturing process, with our own mixing and batching plant, dispatcher, tensioning jack, extruders, curing system and cutting saw. 

We also facilitate our own transport and installation through our in-house installation department. This allows us full control over delivery times, thereby ensuring greater reliability for our clients. Elematic SA has its own super-links, semi-link, 12-ton and 8-ton trucks as well as its own cranes for installation on site. We pride ourselves on our reliable delivery and installation service. 


  • Grouting of V joints is included in the price
  • Done with in-house grouting team
  • Not the ends nor the sides
  • This is a labour only service
  • Materials to be supplied by main contractor
  • Elematic will only grout along the longitudinal length of the panel - not the ends - this is filled in when the screeding is done
  • The joints must be saturated with water placing the grouting material
  • No movement / traffic on the slab until the grout has cured - no loading of bricks or wheelbarrow loads on the slabs
  • If props are used they must remain in position for 3 days after grouting
  • If river sand is not available in some areas, fine crusher sand is used with 5:1 plaster sand mix

Outside walling

Elematic slabs can be used for boundary or security walling and retaining walls. Their robustness and durability make them ideal for industrial or residential security walling, particularly on large estates. They are extremely quick to erect and range in height from 2.4m to 4.8m for maximum security.